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Our approach is building a foundation for success with individualized training specific to you.
Athletes are taught to understand their own potential to redefine what they believe they’re capable of achieving. Our methodology cultivates individuals of all levels and ages to become well rounded independent athletes who understand when to make adjustments, when to back down, and when to push in a safe and confident manner.
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We prioritize injury prevention and extensive development of our athletes’ routines.
Depending on the size our classes run 1-2 hours in duration allowing dedicated time to warm-up, stretching, technical work, and strength/power training. Our allotted class time guarantees one on one time for curtailing practices to ensure each athlete receives equal time and attention. Our weekly schedule is structured to pair technical practices with strength, speed, and conditioning workouts the following day. Our technical training days consist of 60-90 minutes technique based progressions followed by a 30 minute strength or power routine. Our workout days consist of 60-90 minute speed, strength, or conditioning workout followed by 30 minutes of core, mobility, and strengthening/flexibility programs.
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Areas we Specialize in: Pole Vault | Hurdles | Sprints | Distance | Jumps* | Throws*

Our technical classes are structured to learn and understand all or some of the following: technical models for event specific athletes, biomechanics of running, and force application/production.
It is essential for every jumper, hurdler, vaulter, runner, and sprinter to not only understand force application/production and biomechanics of running but how to directly apply it to their event. We practice fundamental drills for building a strong understanding of proper biomechanics and technique and then application through incorporating what we’ve learned to the whole.
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Areas we Specialize in: Pole Vault | Hurdles | Jumps | Sprints | Distance | Throws

What does every athlete need more of? Strength, conditioning, and versatile training… For this reason, our workouts are structured to be universal for Track and Field athletes.
Our goal is building well rounded athletes while giving them tools for success. Setting a foundational level of diverse base training is essential in developing better athletes, avoiding/reducing risk of injuries, improving performance, and adaptability. We place a strong emphasis on improving the following areas: building your aerobic base through high intensity interval training, increasing endurance, conditioning, speed, power, explosiveness, plyometric capabilities, strength, core work, total body control through flexibility, balance, stability, and mobility. Splitting dedicated training time between these categories will not only produce results in Track & Field but all sports athletes participate in.